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pentaho data integration

  • Do you have an Internet website and an ERP that synchronized manually by a worker?
  • Do you gather data from different sources and transfer them into Excel files?
  • Do you do a lot of "copy paste" to Excel and then build reports?
  • Do you combine data manually from different sources like: agents, suppliers, customers…then build reports out of the data?
  • Does your ERP doesn't "talk" with the CRM?
  • Do you send reports manually to different people every day/week/month and by doing so waste valuable time?‚Äč

Stop doing repeatable tasks
Stop doing manual gathering of information

etl data integration




we, at inflow,  love open source etl , especially pentaho data integration 
also known as kettle.

Inflow can save you time and money by computerized and automate those processes.
Inflow will develop an automatic process with the right tools at a competitive price.
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