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Embedded BI

Inflow, experts in embedding BI (business intelligence)
into  software solutions

That is the process which we use in order to take a third-party BI tool from leading companies
and embed it into your software/ website / application products.

Inflow can integrate the tools seamlessly with the right "look and feel".
The advantage of using third-party, state-of-the-art BI tools VS inner development are:

  • Save money :
    Substantial savings on developing hours
  • Environment:
    full features for handling BI including: security, back-office…
  • Ease of use
    when its easy to develop and use , people use it more
  • Feature:
    variety of features you are probebly will not develop in your own custom software
  • single sign-on
    The user will go back and forth seamlessly
  • mobile BI: 
    reports/ dashboards/ KPI on your tablet or smart phone
  • self-service BI:
    give your customer a way to query the data on his own, also build reports as he wishes
  • time-to-market:
    save development time finish the version quicker.
  • Integration:
    API, Web services …
  • Social BI:
    let your users communicate on reports and dashboards.

Inflow has experience and knowledge to help you integrate/ embed your BI solution
with the right tools at affordable price.


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Inflow Systems LTD |  contact us:  +1-408-7705974