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SaaS – Software As A Service

A Business intelligence service allows you to follow the technical changes in servers and Internet speed. Software as a Service generally is a software which is purchased for a fixed term with no obligation (in most cases). The client pays for the period of use and receives access to the system in most cases through the Internet, they are even able to use it through secure access like: VPN or through a different secure means.



NuiDB (http://www.nuodb.com)

This is an innovative database which allows you to store information on a number of servers and in this way "grow" together with the developing application/software.
The major advantage of this is that the entire database is based on SQL in contrast to basic data tools this can "grow" based on Nosql that is to say on Json or documents. The message is it isn't necessary to learn a new tool in order to use this database and new hardware can be easily added.



Inflow systems is a consultant BI  and integration company 
We make end to end project using all kinds of BI tools specific to the task we Analyse. 

we can use Sisense , Yellowfin , Pentaho, DBxtra as front end
for bigdata DWH : exasol , redshift, infinidb
and ETL usually with Pentaho data integration

About infinidb

This is a database system in column based (columnr database).
Its structure allows you to store data fast and mainly to access data for analysis and data processing.
Its special structure means that when you query the database you will pull only the relevant columns and not have to go through all the records to get results.


Inflow Data Processing

Data Processing

The field of business intelligence draws from the field of information technology, as it is established in order to assist organization heads by giving them a complete picture of the organization's condition. In so doing the management can reach optimum decisions in relation to business operations
and desirable work patterns in the organization.


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Inflow Systems LTD |  contact us:  +1-408-7705974