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Who we are?

providing affordable ,better Integration BI (business intelligence)
and analytics to you and your product / software.

Our goal is embedding BI to your product using the right tools at affordable budget.
Saving you money and time on develop custom solution BI
with programmers that will invent the wheel.

We do BI with no regards to the source of the data (Hadoop, nosql, files, web services and even relational databases)
or its size (CSV with 10000 rows - Big Data).

Inflow assembled from very skilled IT guys,
we aim to become one with your development team giving
your product analytic solution module with understanding of your product and business.

We also created the best pentaho kettle course for online training and tutorial 
this is a course that gather all of our expirience with data integration over the years


Contact us


Inflow Systems LTD |  contact us:  +1-408-7705974